Working with Goals in Counselling and Psychotherapy with Mick Cooper

Working with Goals in Counselling and Psychotherapy with Mick Cooper

Saturday 15th February 2020

This interactive workshop provides participants with an opportunity to develop their understanding of working with goals in counselling and psychotherapy, and to develop their skills in this emerging area. Although many therapists are reluctant to focus on goals, they provide an opportunity to help clients define, for themselves, what is important to therapy; and evidence suggests that many clients do want to develop them as an orientating-point for therapy. The workshop starts by examining the 'teleological' philosophical principles underlying a goal-orientated approach to therapy--that human beings are 'directional', striving towards things--and goes on to examine what has been learnt from the psychological research about the nature of goals and goal processes (for instance, distinguishing between 'approach' and 'avoidance' goals). It then goes on to a more practical exploration of working with goals, including skills practice and video demonstrations.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the philosophical, ethical and psychological rationale for working with goals in counselling and psychotherapy
  • Discuss the theory and evidence that relates 'goal actualisation' and goals types to psychological well-being and distress
  • Apply basic methods of goal-setting and goal-negotiation in counselling and psychotherapy
  • Use the Goals Form in an appropriate manner



  • Session 1: Philosophical and ethical basis for working with goals
  • Session 2: The psychology of goals: How well-being and distress are related to 'goal actualisation'
  • Session 3: Basic principles and methods for working with goals in counselling and psychotherapy
  • Session 4: Using the Goals Form

This workshop is appropriate for training and practising counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and other mental health professionals.

The workshop will be held in Weston-super-Mare on Saturday 15th February 2020. Registration will be 09:30 and we expect to end at approximately 16:30.

Tickets are £70 for the day.

To book your place please email Claire at

Mick Cooper is an internationally recognised author, trainer and consultant in the field of humanistic, existential and pluralistic therapies. He is a Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton. Mick has facilitated workshops and lectures around the world, including Australia, Lithuania and Florida. Mick's books include Existential Therapies(Sage, 2017), Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Sage, 2018), and The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling(Palgrave, 2013). His principal areas of research have been in shared decision-making/personalising therapy, and counselling for young people in schools.  In 2014, Mick received the Carmi Harari Mid-Career Award from Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. He is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Academy of Social Sciences.

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